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EWN is intended to support IPv6 as soon as possible so all nodes can be completely routable. In anticipation of that, SVWUX is advocating early adoption and experimentation with IPv6 in whatever form you are able in order to develop your skills and increase IPv6 proliferation. If your provider does not yet offer you direct an IPv6 address, you can use a free tunnel provider via your IPv4 provider. SVWUX members are already experimenting with IPv6 and v6 enabled applications and invite others to join in that experiment.

IPv6 OS Capability

To install IPv6 capability on Windows XP (and later?), open a command prompt and type ipv6 install .

MacOS X is already configured with IPv6 enabled.

For Linux, find a Linux ipv6 HOWTO.

IPv6 Tunnel Brokers (Free)

An IPv6 Tunnel Service allows you to reach the IPv6 internet when your ISP is IPv4 only. Not necessary when connected directly to the EWN using IPv6.

  • Setup Instructions
  • Setup account with and request a tunnel. Do this first since you must wait for human approval which takes a day or more.
  • If you have to go through NAT, install an AYIYA tool on your workstation such as AICCU. See Setup Instructions. If you don't have NAT, try to use Hurricane Electric (below) which is easier to work with.
  • Or if you want OpenWRT to host the tunnel, here is How to make your OpenWRT an IPv6 router via This will require a subnet allocation from before clients on your router can connect to IPv6 also. Sixxs works on a merit system. In order to request more features, you have to keep your account active longer. It takes about a week to get your network address space if you don't earn merits through other means.

Hurricane Electric

  • Offers free tunnels instantly without all the lead time and hassle of Sixxs, but they are a little harder to get setup if you have to work through NAT.

IPv6 Enabled Applications

OSS VoIP soft client which has been verified can make VoIP calls directly using IP literals (no DNS, or registry required) over IPv6. * NOTE [Linphone 3.1.2] after selecting IPv6 mode in settings, you must quit and restart Linphone for it to operate properly over IPv6.


Soft clients verified able to make VoIP calls directly using IP literals (no DNS, or registry required) making them very useful for network diagnostic.

OSS. Verified IPv6 capable, note remark above. Linux, XP, Vista only. Audio & Video.

Free beer. Linux, W2K , WXP, Mac

Router Firmware

Open source replacement firmware for compatible off the shelf routers. Firmware provides vast customization capabilities of great value to experimenters and is used extensively in the SVWUX network.
This is OpenWRT packaged with a nice web interface. The web interface is a separate project. They are not forking the OpenWRT part.
Another replacement firmware. Supports wider hardware, free for many devices. Reportedly more consumer friendly but less tweakable than OpenWRT.
Another revision of Linksys firmware

Performance Tools

iperf for Windows
Throughput performance measurement tool.
Java Swing GUI front end for iperf.
The above (iperf+Jperf) combined into a bundle..


Applications suited for use over an emergency network of limited bandwidth and possibly intermittent connectivity

Private Server Applications

Serverless Communications Applications

  • See VoIP apps above
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